Les anglophones



Who we are

We are a group of people living in Bordeaux. Some of us have been here for many years, others are only here for a few months. We come from many nations, and not just the English-speaking ones ; we even have some French among us ! Our ability to speak English varies widely.

Our welcome

We are delighted to welcome new people ! Maybe you are a visitor to Bordeaux. Maybe you are a student. Maybe you are interested in Christianity. Whether you are a committed Christian or whether you just want to find out more about Jesus Christ, you are sure of a warm welcome.

Bordeaux church service

Our English-speaking service is in the centre of Bordeaux in a restaurant. See the travel details. The service starts at 17:00 on Sunday evenings, and we eat together afterwards in a Pot Luck Picnic. Please do stay and eat if you can, and please bring some picnic-style food to share.

Why worship in English ?

For many people English is their first language, their heart language. For others it is a useful second language for business, trade or culture. Some are learning English and are keen to practise. Others are in the process of settling into a French-speaking church. For these or for other reasons it can be a great encouragement to meet together and worship in English.

Our purpose

We exist to encourage faith in Jesus Christ among English-speaking people in Bordeaux. We do this by means of Christian worship, fellowship, Bible study and prayer, by holding events for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Harvest, etc. and by reaching out to the English-speaking people of Bordeaux.

Contact : Alan et Pat Davey – 06 74 59 27 76


Sometimes, during the holidays, the service is not held in Bordeaux city centre, but at the home of Alan and Pat Davey in Pessac (contact details). Keep an eye on the church calendar or, even better, use the English service’s web pages.

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